ot in summer, c▓old in winter, and hard to

ere also from Zheng▓ding."FUJIA

couraged researchers in Fujian and Ningxia to?/p>

?develop technology to improve potato yields. Residents in Xiji County, south

ern Ningxia, ▓saw their incomes increase after planting potatoes and sel▓ling them to Fujian businesses.The Fujian government also supported Ningxia to relocate people from impoverished areas. As a pilot p▓rojec

t, several thousand families moved f▓rom Xihaigu to a better area n

ear t▓he regional capital, Yinchuan."The measure proved effective and we created a sustai▓nable path," Xi said.MAKE TARGETED EFFORTSWhatever Xi's position is, he has always ▓highly valued precision in poverty alleviation."You should


  • not bomb fleas with grenades," Xi sai▓d, stre

    ssing that money should be s▓pent in the right place.In late 2013, Xi visited a r

    emo▓te village in central Hunan Provinc

  • e, where he m▓et only seniors, children and w

    omen, as the young and robust had left to work in cities."I figured, how could

    they possibly pursue any major projec

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